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            10 Best Daytrip Tours in Bali

            Most Popular Bali Daytrips and Activities

            These are the best tours in Bali, with something for pretty much any type of visitor. Exciting excursions and unique sightseeing opportunities are plentiful on Bali, from the cultural to the action-packed. Adrenaline junkies can cruise down challenging rapids and immerse themselves in the scenic rural countryside of Bali’s interiors, while those into history and cultural discovery can admire the collection of majestic temples through full day tours.

            The most popular tours in Bali cover various highlights across the island’s eight different regencies, from the cool uplands down to the coastal waters. Here, we’ve narrowed them down to help you decide on the best options available so you can plan your stay in Bali ahead with a half or full day out to experience the very best of Bali’s sights and sensations. Browse each of the best tours in Bali – booking your ‘real’ Bali experience is only a few clicks away!

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              Taman Ayun, Monkey Forest and Tanah Lot

              Tanah Lot Temple Duration: 6 hours
              Royal Mengwi Temple, Monkey Forest & Tanah Lot Excursion

              This half-day tour brings you closer to bits of the island’s nature, culture and history, with stops that include the ancient royal temple of Pura Taman Ayun, the Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest, and the most iconic sea temple in Bali: Tanah Lot Temple. The tour concludes in time for a memorable sunset over this temple’s silhouette against the rolling surf of the Indian Ocean. Read More...


              Highlights of Bali Full-Day Tour

              Mount Batur, Kintamani Duration: 9 hours
              Highlight of Bali Tour

              Enjoy a wonderful full day out to discover Bali's vibrant cultural heritage and scenic natural surroundings. This tour includes visits to traditional villages, coffee and clove plantation walks; panoramic outlooks over the Mount Batur volcano, and hilltop stops for coffee or tea with sweeping rice field panoramas. Read More...


              Ubud, Kintamani and Barong Dance

              Ubud - Mount Batur Volcano Duration: 8 hours
              Kintamani Volcano, Ubud & Barong Dance Performance

              Go on a full day of exploration to see Bali’s cultural and natural highlights. This tour includes a visit to the artistic town of Ubud, its neighbouring village that is home to Bali’s gold and silversmiths, and Batubulan to view the mythical Barong dance performance. Then, you’ll journey further north to marvel at the scenic Batur caldera lake. Read More...


              Whitewater Rafting at Ayung River

              Ayung River, Ubud Duration: 5 hours
              White Water Rafting at Ayung River Tour

              This exhilarating ride lets you rush down Bali’s famous Ayung River, a Class III rapid that combines scenic highland nature views with an adrenaline rush. In between exciting obstacles and thrilling sections of the river, you paddle along with an expert guide through lazy pools and waterfalls. The ride concludes with a delicious buffet lunch overlooking the valley. Read More...


              Sunset Dinner Cruise

              Bali Hai Cruises, Benoa Duration: 3 hours
              Bali Hai Sunset Dinner Cruise

              Enjoy a soothing cruise on board the Bali Hai catamaran, over the calm waters off Bali’s southern coast. Then, be served a delicious dinner while taking in the serene seascape as the sun sets over the distant harbour. Also complementing your dinner are an entertaining cabaret, live bands and small disco on the lower deck. Read More...


              Private East Coast Tour

              Karangasem, East Bali Duration: 9 hours
              Private East Coast Tour

              Go on a private journey of exploration to Bali’s secluded eastern region, which includes a sightseeing visit to the island's grand ‘mother temple’ of Besakih at the slopes of Mount Agung, a layover at a local plantation to discover a wide variety of exotic tropical fruits and spices, and an after-lunch stop at Tenganan, one of Bali’s most well-preserved traditional villages. Read More...


              Dolphin Cruise

              Bali Hai Cruises, Benoa Duration: 2 hours
              Bali Hai Dolphin Cruise

              This high-speed ocean cruise allows you to get up close with native dolphins that swim freely in the waters off Bali’s southern peninsula. The ride starts around early morning, which treats you to spectacular seascapes at sunrise. Then, out at sea, your magical encounters with dolphins begin as they breach the surface, sometimes in pods. Read More...


              Lembongan Island Leisure Day Trip

              Lembongan Island Duration: 8 hours
              Lembongan Island Leisure Day Trip

              Cruise out to the most popular among the three Nusa Islands in Bali’s southeast, where fun on-board activities include a whirlpool tub and waterslide where you can plunge straight into the sea. Other activities include sea kayaking, banana boat rides, snorkelling and ‘sea walks’ using special oxygen-fed helmets. A buffet lunch is served on board. Read More...


              Quad or Buggy and Canyon Tubing

              Payangan, Central Bali Duration: 7 hours
              Quad or Buggy Driving Adventure & Tubing Excursion

              For adrenaline junkies, this tour takes you to the rainforests of Payangan in central Bali, where you can rev through muddy rice field tracks on special quad bikes or buggies. It’s perfect for those looking for a mix of high-octane action and natural scenery. Afterwards, cool down with a tubing excursion down the Siap River, in personal-sized inflatable tubes for a totally different kind of rafting sensation. Read More...


              Devdan Show

              Nusa Dua Duration: 90 minutes
              Devdan Show

              This show takes you on a 90-minute journey through the Indonesian archipelago, showcasing the cultural diversity across the islands from Bali to Sumatra, and Borneo to Papua. Stunning lighting and visuals, intricately designed stage props, and well-rehearsed dance choreography complement its captivating story of adventure and discovery. The dancers, clad in dazzlingly themed costumes, perform everything from traditional and ethnic dances, to modern and groovy Hip-Hop moves. Read More...

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