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            Bali Information

            Getting Around, History and Maps

            Bali indeed lives up to ranking as Indonesia's tourism hub and a key destination in Southeast Asia. The 'Island of the Gods' has an ensuing thousand temples and infinite shrines, traditional markets, chic boutiques, a collection of rare traditional fare alongside world-class restaurants, lively nightlife scenes, natural splendour and a welcoming people with colourful culture.

            It's good to know the best time to visit in terms of the weather, or how to head to your hotel after you touchdown at the airport in Tuban. Whether you plan your trip for business or leisure, Bali welcomes you with exciting possibilities. Browse through our Bali information sections to plan your visit ahead.

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            Survival Guide to Bali

            • 20 Things to Know Before You Go

              Here is a useful list of ‘Things you should know before you go’ compiled by several travellers who wished they had it on Read More»

            • 5 Best Known Scams to Avoid in Bali

              5 Known Scams to Avoid in Bali

              Here is our small list of the best known scams to avoid while in Bali, so you can enjoy your Bali holiday smoothly and Read More»

            • What to Do in Bali in 2 Days

              Get the most out of your short stay in Bali with this quick guide, which shows you recommended selections on what you Read More»

            • 10 Mistakes People Make on Their First Bali Trip

              Visiting Bali for the first time? We came up with this list so you can enjoy your Bali trip without making some of the Read More»

            • Where to Change Money in Bali

              Here is a shortlist of the most recommended money changers in Bali for your peace of mind, whenever you need to have Read More»

            • 6 Great Apps For Your Bali Trip

              Here’s a shortlist of great apps to install and have on your smartphone, before or during your holiday in Bali – they’re Read More»

            Most Useful Info about Bali

            • Bali Airport

              Bali Airport

              Ngurah Rai International Airport is Bali’s main international entry point located in Tuban, south of Kuta. It is Read More»

            • Bali Maps

              Our interactive map (and satellite views) displays all available hotels with photos, facilities and guest comments as Read More»

            • Bali Weather

              Bali Weather

              Bali has two seasons, wet (between October and April) and dry (between May and September). The wet season brings rain Read More»

            Getting Around Bali

            • Bali Airport Transfer Services

              Bali Airport Transfers

              Hassle-free and safe, Bali airport transfer services make your ride in or out of Ngurah Rai International Airport a Read More»

            • Getting Around Bali

              Getting Around Bali

              Getting around Bali is easy. Public buses and bemos, chartered bemos, shuttle buses, taxis and private cars, rented cars Read More»

            • Bali Bemo Guide

              Get between specific areas in Bali through dirt-cheap local public transport known as bemo, public minivans that budget, Read More»

            • 10 Useful Tips for Bali Taxis

              10 Useful Tips for Bali Taxis

              For getting around easily in Bali’s major resort areas, taxis are your easiest choice. Although widely available and Read More»

            • Bali Car Rental Guide

              Explore the whole island by renting a car in Bali. With so many things to see and do, it’s one of the best ways to do Read More»

            • Bali Motorbike Rental Guide

              Ride as the locals do and navigate easily around the island and through narrower roads by renting a motorbike in Bali. Read More»

            How to get to nearby destination

            • How to Get to Gili Islands

              Getting to – and around – the Gilis is relatively hassle free. Here are some tips and info on major operators flying Read More»

            • How to Get to Lombok from Bali

              A trip to Lombok from Bali can be a great opportunity to discover the natural and cultural highlights of one of the most Read More»

            • How to Get to Komodo from Bali

              Getting to Komodo from Bali is a great option for a memorable island-hopping holiday, especially if you have a penchant Read More»

            • How to Get to Banyuwangi from Bali

              Getting to Banyuwangi from Bali is easy, thanks to public ferries that cross the Bali Strait daily from Gilimanuk port, Read More»

            • How to Get to Yogyakarta from Bali

              Getting to Yogyakarta from Bali can be a great addition to your holiday plan, especially if you’re looking to discoverth Read More»

            • How to get to Nusa Lembongan

              The most common means of getting to Nusa Lembongan is by small public boats, which mostly depart from Sanur Beach, and Read More»

            • 10 Best Festivals in Bali

              Experience unique sights and sounds at any of these great cultural events and festivities in Bali – find out which ones Read More»

            • Perang Pandan War Dance Ceremony 2016

              Perang Pandan War Dance Ceremony

              Witness this truly unique ‘blood sport’ match in Tenganan, one of Bali’s well-preserved traditional villages that is a Read More»

            • Bali Spirit Festival

              Come to Bali this March for a week-long annual gathering of like-minded yoga and wellbeing practitioners, together with Read More»

            • Bali Arts Festival

              Bali Arts Festival

              Witness Bali’s wealth of performing arts and cultural highlights at the annual Bali Arts Festival, featuring full daily Read More»

            • Nyepi Day in Bali

              Nyepi Day in Bali

              Nyepi is ultimately the quietest day in Bali, which marks a lunar new year based on the Saka calendar. A series of Read More»

            • Bali Kite Festival

              Bali Kite Festival

              The Bali Kite Festival gathers hundreds of kite troupes from all over the island flying traditional kites, together with Read More»

            Bali Travel Guide

            • Bali History

              Bali History

              Bali's colourful history spans from the early spread of Buddhism and Hinduism, to the rise of the Majapahit Kingdom and Read More»

            • Bali Culture

              Balinese culture is unique and permeates through every aspect of life; the influence of Hinduism is evident in the Read More»

            • 6 Jobs for Foreigners in Bali

              Dreaming of working in Bali? Here are some jobs that might suit foreigners who are wishing to earn a living while in Read More»

            • Charitable Organisations in Bali

              10 Bali Charities to Take Part in

              Bali gives you luxurious resorts and fantastic beaches, but there are underprivileged people and efforts in need of Read More»

            • 12 Reasons Why Ubud is Better Than the Beach

              See Bali from a new angle by heading inland and making Ubud your base for your next trip – you'll be delighted by its Read More»

            • 5 Unforgettable Ways to Watch a Bali Sunset

              Skies saturated in hues of gold, pink, red, and orange are the backdrop of dream vacations, and on Bali, the evening’s Read More»

            Hospitals around Bali

            Siloam Hospital Bali

            This international hospital in Bali is conveniently located on Kuta’s end of Sunset Road and nearby some of the island’s Read More...

            BIMC Hospital Kuta

            This international hospital is perhaps the most recognized medical institution in Bali, popular among expats and Read More...

            Bali Royal Hospital

            This hospital is just minutes away from the Immigration Office of Denpasar, making it easily accessible if you’re also Read More...

            10 Best Wedding Hotels in Bali

            10 Best Wedding Hotels in Bali

            If you’re a couple sharing the dream of an exotic setting to exchange vows in Bali, these selected Bali hotels with Read More...

            Bali Weddings

            Here we present you with all the information on getting married in Bali, from the island's best wedding venues to Read More...

            10 Best Things to Do on a Honeymoon in Bali

            Bali's beauty and allure make it a perfect place fro a honeymoon. Idyllic vistas over tropical shores, cool green forest Read More...

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